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One of the essential members of BTS, the world’s most well-known and adored boy band, is Jung Hoseok, known by his stage name J-Hope. J-Hope was born on February 18, 1994, in the South Korean city of Gwangju’s Buk District. According to claims, the 29-year-old member is the richest of all the other members. J-Hope was a huge dancer in his early years. Additionally, he was a member of the dance crew Neurons. He went on to win several dancing contests, and due to his passion for dance and interest in singing, he decided to try out for idol trainee. After RM and Suga, JUNG HOSEOK was the third member to join BTS. On June 13, 2013, he made his debut.

Jung Hoseok Early years: Growing up in Gwangju

In Gwangju, Jung Hoseok was born into a Korean family. Growing up, he had an older sister who is now quite well-known on Instagram and regarded as one of Korea’s top influencers. Across all reliable sources, there is no reliable information regarding his parents. Jung’s professionalism is evident in this, as he doesn’t want anything about his personal life to be revealed to the media.

He has fielded countless questions about his family from the start of his career, but he has graciously declined to do so every time. It’s interesting that Jung originally desired to become a dancer rather than a musician. He even took modern dance training at the Gwangju Music Academy. He graduated in 2012 as one of his class’s top pupils.

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Career Beginnings: Neuron and Being a Trainee

Jung had dance as a career in mind before he made a name for himself in the music industry. He focused on competitive dance once his Academy courses were over. His dance abilities made him well-known in South Korea before he released a song. He also won several awards, the most prized of which was a national title at 14.

J-Hope began thinking about becoming a musician as he excelled in every competition he attended. He initially joined the underground dance company Neuron, where he learned the ins and outs of the business. He then moderately succeeded as a background dancer for various well-known K-pop artists & groups. His initial successes encouraged him to apply to become an idol trainee, which would pave the way for his ascent to stardom.

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2013 to the present: BTS dominating the charts

After Suga and RM, J-Hope joined the Bangtan Boys as a formal member in 2013. When BTS made their huge debut on “M! Countdown,” a popular Korean program, playing the song “No More Dream,” the world got the chance to witness him for the first time on June 13, 2013. They later published their debut album, “2 Kool 4 Skool.” Their initial songs and performances were acclaimed by critics across the Asian continent despite being seen as “unpolished,” highlighting the group’s individuality as its key selling point.

Old school hip hop components were successfully incorporated by BTS and combined with elements of K-Pop. As time passed, they overcame the barrier of international travel and began several world tours, drawing millions of spectators to watch them play live. The group’s incredible success and popularity can largely be attributed to Jung’s dance prowess.

Real Name Jung Hoseok
Stage Name J-hope
Net Worth $24-$26 million
Date of Birth 18 February 1994
Age 29
Height 5 ft 10 inch
Weight 59 Kg
Profession Rapper, songwriter, producer
Sun Sign Aqarius
Country South Korea

2018 until the present: developing his solo career

When BTS gained recognition as one of the top K-pop groups in the world, rumors regarding the members’ desire for solo careers started to circulate. Jung Hoseok is one of the most well-liked members of the group, so fans have eagerly anticipated his solo work. The songs “Airplane” and “Daydream,” as well as Jung’s debut mixtape “Hope World,” were simultaneously published on YouTube. The mixtape began at position 63 on the Billboard 200 list and peaked at position 38, still the highest spot a Korean solo artist has ever attained.

The mixtape was a phenomenal success for Jung, charting in 10 nations, with the single “Daydream” reaching the top three in three of those. J-Hope continued to surprise people in 2018; Billboard named “Hope World” as the fifth-best album in the world for the year, a feat many US and Latin American musicians have yet to accomplish.

Jung Hoseok Personal Life

There is hardly any information on his love relationships in reliable sources that adequately characterize this period of his life. In general, Jung keeps the information about his partners entirely confidential and has yet to respond to these fan questions. His early relationships and current situation are both unknown. There is no one his fans would assume from his Instagram posts because he has never been observed attending any public events in a particular female company. Additionally, there has yet to be much debate on this subject.

According to what is known about him—or what isn’t known—J-Hope is straight and currently single. He has made multiple donations to the Gwangju Dance Academy and Child Fund Korea, making him a well-known philanthropist. Interestingly, despite his demand that they remain private, all of his donations were exposed.

Jung Hoseok Net Worth 2023

The estimated net worth of Jung Hoseok is $24–$26 million. The BTS group’s principal rapper and RM are Jung Hoseok. His desire to give optimism to his fans and the other BTS members is the source of his name, J-optimism. After RM and Suga, Hope was the third member to join BTS.

He was a part of the dance group Neurons before joining BTS. J-Hope is well known for his dance abilities. For six years, he studied dance at the Gwangju Music Academy. He started developing an interest in singing through his dancing, so he decided to audition for a position as an idol trainee with BigHit Entertainment. J-Hope has been a key member of BTS, the most well-known boy band in South Korea, since his debut in 2013.

J-Hope has enlisted in the military and will begin his 18-month conscription on April 18, 2023.


1. What is the nickname of J-Hope?

The other band members refer to J-Hope as Hobi.

2. What is J-Hope’s age?

29 years old. J-Hope. He was born on February 18, 1994.

3. When did J-Hope join the armed forces?

On April 18, 2023, J. Hope enrolled in the military.

4. What sign belongs to J-Hope?


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